Who is required to take the courses?

Courses must be completed by the person listed on the registration (usually the owner or general manager).  Only one person per registration needs to complete it.

Are any contractors exempt?

Exemptions include commercial contractors (except commercial roofers) and underground utility, water, well and pump installers.  However, if you have a residential/commercial registration, the continuing education is required.

How do I get credit for taking the courses?

Once completed, your Certificate of Completion will be activated immediately for you to save and submit electronically with your renewal, as required by the contractor’s board.

Are there any tests?

No.  Our courses do not have test questions as required by many other providers.  Just play the video and you’re done.

How long do I have to finish?

Once purchased, the courses are available 24/7.  You can review courses over again for 180 days (complimentary extensions upon request).

Can I stop and resume where I left off?

Yes. Click “Pause” for very short breaks.  For longer breaks, log out. When you log back in and click the video title and “Play,” it will resume where you left off. If stuck, log off and log back in.

How do I get the Play/Pause button off the screen?

Move your cursor off the screen, and the Play/Pause button will disappear after a few seconds.  Similarly, if you want to Play/Pause, move your cursor over the screen and the button will reappear.

What if the video is not playing?

  1. Make sure your operating system is up to date.  Windows users: Click “Start” button on lower left corner of screen, then “Settings,” then “Update and Security” and “Check for Updates” and click to install them.  Mac users: Click Apple on upper left of screen and select “Software Update.”  Restart computer after installing updates.
  2. Make sure your browser is up to date with the latest version, or try a different browser (e.g. MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox, google chrome).
  3. Make sure JavaScript is enabled on your computer.
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Privacy Policy

We never share your private information with anyone, nor do we use it for any purpose other than notices related to your account.  You will receive a welcome email and a receipt when you sign up.  You will also receive a notice of new courses prior to your next renewal (two years from now, generally six weeks prior to your next renewal date).

For Solutions to Common Technical Issues, check out our Support Page.