A great learning experience!

Joseph Garlick Jr., Woonsocket Neighborhood Devpt Corp, Woonsocket, Regis #15823

Clearly defined best and worst practices, proper and improper methods of business, and the importance of good contracts. I am glad I watched this video.

Patricia DeCastro, Kingston Drywall, West Kingston, Regis #23499

I enjoyed the course very much. It was a great refresher on many previously learned topics and I learned many new ideas on how to run my company.

Jonathan Davis, Ace Drilling Inc., Slatersville, Regis #36379

Well worth the time and money. Thanks!

Thomas Thibeault, Thibeault’s Home Improvements, Lincoln, Regis #7044

Terrific! Should be required before being allowed to incorporate.

William Ross, William J. Ross Inc., East Greenwich, Regis #26323

Very valuable course. Everyone should take this course.

Jorge Duarte, QHI Construction, Warren, Regis #12683

Excellent information! Really hits the nail on the head with all the obstacles and pitfalls that we face.

Manuel Gomes, Manual labor Inc., East Taunton, MA, Regis #37091

Being in the business for 30 years, this has been very educational and there is always something new to learn.

Roger J. Sherman, Grace Carpentry Concepts Inc., North Smithfield, Regis #6940