Rhode Island Contractors Education was established for the exclusive purpose of helping contractors comply with the continuing education requirements quickly and efficiently, with nationally-acclaimed courses that benefit your business.

  • User-friendly website – little or no computer skills required
  • No tests!  Just watch the video and you’re done.
  • Courses available online immediately 24/7
  • Compatible with any device including smart phones
  • Take breaks anytime – always resumes wherever you left off
  • Certificate of Completion provided immediately upon completion
  • Featuring top-notch instructors and experienced contractors
  • We accept credit or debit cards including American Express and PayPal

Contractor Testimonials

Amazing course!  So much useful information.  I would 100% recommend this to other contractors.
Krikor Bedrosian, Bedrosian Homes LLC, Manville, GC-44997
Excellent and pertinent information that relates directly to my profession.  Presenter was well informed, well understood, and provided many helpful examples.
Nelson Rego, Rego's Concrete & Plastering, Pawtucket, GC-34283
I have learned a great deal.  Best advice I have ever gotten.  Very professional and practical at the same time.
Rafael Iwaniec, Rafael Construction LLC, Burrillville, GC-27702
Great content — very informative.  Everyone can take something away from this video.
Anthony Yulfo, Yulfo Construction, Cumberland, GC-32774
Excellent and extremely well detailed on all the “in-between” things to think ahead and manage to keep a client happy.
Joseph Mansolillo, Exeter, GC-43943
Great video that every contractor should watch and learn from.
Ronald Slagle, Slagle Construction, Portsmouth, GC-43389
It’s easy to sell yourself and your business short.  This video is a great outline of how to run a profitable outfit.
Jus Martel, Pivotal Concrete, South Kingstown, GC-33758

More Testimonials